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An Introduction to


  Youth Theatre Group

 Shenanigans’ Youth Theatre Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural enrichment of the community.  Youth are provided an avenue to express their talents and knowledge in live performances and to participate in educational activities relating to the performing arts. 


 Shenanigans’ started in April 1991 when auditions were held for its first production, “A Night of Shenanigans”.  Six weeks later, 67 performers took to the stage at the Victor Valley Performing Arts Center.  At that moment, the organization’s founders’ dream to provide the youth of the High Desert with more opportunity to grow educationally and participate in the Performing Arts came to life.

 Shenanigans’ has produced and performed its annual “Play It Smart – Stay Safe From Drugs” show for local schools since 1993.  In 2001, Shenanigans also wrote and developed “The Earth Show”, an educational show about recycling, and has since regularly performed this for local schools as well. 

 Since 1993, Shenanigans’ has annually represented the Victor Valley at the California State Expo in Sacramento. Shenanigans’ also performs regularly at the San Bernardino County Fair, Ventura County Fair, Kern County Fair, and the Orange County Fair.  We have also been honored to represent the City of Victorville in Mexicali, Mexico. 

Youth Leadership & Training

 Shenanigans’ six community groups provide older performers opportunities to direct younger performers, with supervision of adult leaders.  Our youth also fill many of the technical positions in various productions including producing, directing, stage management, lighting, sound, props and scenery.

Organizational Philosophy

 The applause a young person receives for performing on stage or hitting a home run is equally rewarding.  The praise, self-discipline, and confidence are the same.  The difference is the abundance of opportunities in activities such as sports versus the lack of performing arts opportunities.

Shenanigans’ was formed to close that gap by providing young people interested in the performing arts an avenue to grow culturally, educationally, and socially. The tools for achievement are instructional/educational training and workshops and the opportunity to apply their skills in live performances.


  • To maintain and operate our new facility housing the organization’s business operations as well as serving as a workshop and
              rehearsal studio. 

  • To conduct regular educational seminars and workshops related to character development and interpretation of literature through 
              the study of the performing arts, in music, voice, dance, acting, makeup, playwriting, songwriting, directing, and technical theatre.

  • To produce three (3) main stage productions a year, in addition to the numerous community performances.

  • To maintain an on-going scholarship program dedicated to providing youth an opportunity to participate in activities and continue
    with higher education relating to the performing arts. 

  • To establish and manage a fully operational theatre.

  • To develop a program allowing performers to participate in cultural exchanges.


 Shenanigans’ was incorporated in the State of California in December 1991 and granted federal non-profit status in February 1992.  The corporation is governed by a body of volunteer directors and managed by volunteer officers.  Donations and volunteers keep the cost reasonable and affordable for all participants.


Shenanigans’ currently has 195 performers, ages 6 to 19, in six community groups and two travel groups that perform over 70 shows per year throughout the community and the state.  Performers come from throughout the Victor Valley.  The groups regularly perform song, dance, and dramatic productions at various community and private functions throughout the High Desert.


In addition to the community and travel groups, the “Backstage II” group provides training in acting and improvisation as well as providing performance opportunities.  The “Holiday Cast” annually performs Christmas music at a dozen events throughout the community. The “Anti-Drug Show” and “Earth Show” casts regularly perform special shows.  Shenanigans also stages two major dramatic or musical productions per year. These casts draw from all the groups.



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